Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The beach now nestled in between my toes, as I burrow my soles into the sand, in front of the Undertow Beach Bar, on the islands of St. Pete Beach, FL. The water as blue as I have been accustomed to for the past twenty-three years, with sand as white, as a fresh blanket of snow, minus the colder temperatures. I am home now. I have returned safely to paradise, after traveling 22,700 miles, spreading the word of "No Oil"on our Tampa Bay area beaches, visiting 48 state capitols, and 15 national parks, along with our nations capitol, and some monuments in Washington D.C.; all in 105 days. A journey of a lifetime, that took my breath away, around every corner, over every mountain, and to oceans with 22 beaches not nearly as soft and pristine as ours here.

The magnitude of this adventure will take my lifetime to truly understand, all that I will gain eternally; as my external being relaxes from a long awaited dream. This quest of kindness and hospitality that I have embarked upon, doling out, and in reception of, hopefully left an impression on all ends. The generosity in friendship and sponsorship, known and new, was a huge part of my safe return. I am, and will forever be grateful. I can still feel the warmth and compassion that was bestowed onto me. I can still see the loving smiles of America, as colorful as the foliage under the autumn sun, as I drove from state to state, and city to city, dreaming, creating, and exploring.

Though, this trip has found it's overwhelming conclusion; I will continue to utilize my wheresjohnny blog to share with all of you, why I choose to live here, this place, I call paradise. I give you my solemn word that there is "NO OIL" on our beaches. It was a gorgeous day here on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico! Your next vacation awaits!

You can find other updates on facebook as well (John DeRosa). Stay true to yourselves, and inspire to be heard.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feet in the Sand-Head in the Clouds

The shadow of the sun has changed the time of the day. With each new day, a collection of memories formed the foundation of yesterday, creating steps that will lead me to tomorrow. Yesterday was 103 days ago, and tomorrow is only a sunset away. I ask myself; did I dream enough to promote our beaches, did I create enough to spread kindness, did I explore enough to heal my wounds. Pride in where you live, how you love, and what you give, is an extension of who you are. I am blessed to live on Pass-a-grille Beach, where the white sand entices me to stay a while, to stop and listen to the waves roll upon shore like a whisper from a far away echo, assuring me, that this is paradise, this is my home, where the blue skies melt onto the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and takes me away.

I am anxious for my return for so many reasons; some old, some new. I am looking forward to seeing my friends who through all of this, have helped me see the sun well after it has set beyond the horizon. For the past three months, I have chased the sun as if I was chasing a dream, escaping the slumber of my heart, to awaken fresh, somewhere new. Each day, a new expression of nature, a new hope for humanity, led me down a path of the unknown. How did they, before us, endeavor the terrain without roads, maps, or GPS, and travel abroad in search of something new, a place to call home? I would still be out there on this walk about of mine, wandering aimless to the wonders of this beautiful country, if I didn't have the tools needed for my safe return.

 Nearly 22,500 miles later,and I am almost home. Did you know that the circumference of the Earth is 24,900 miles? The distance one must go to find themselves right back to the start of it all, the beginning to an end. My travels are nearly over for this journey; however, my thirst for life continues, as tomorrow has yet begun.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Watchful Night

     An hour has gone by, with me watching the warmth of the fire. It hisses at me; while the fungus melts onto the wet logs. This is my last night of camping, quietly beneath the stars, I find it hard to write through the flames. I am seven suns away until I return myself, safely, back to home. I can't believe how far I have come; nor how close I am, to completing this quest of mine to dream, create, and explore what lies inside me, and the world that surrounds me. A journey I thought of four years ago, while waiting on a friend at the airport in Greenville, SC. The same place I am traveling to this weekend to visit other friends, and the new edition they brought into this beautiful world. I am presently enjoying this evening, reflecting the past six months of my life, asking myself, "how is it, that this fire sends me to a calmness, I, up to this point, have yet to know?" I seem new to myself, fresh to an idea. I hope to push myself more; so to continue my pursuit, to find and follow my purpose. This past three and a half months, I have challenged my heart, questioned my faith, aimlessly, in search of my soul. I am very appreciative the patience I have discovered, watching nature express her ways. I will forever be grateful for the kindness I have received throughout this road trip of mine. I wish you all could see the moon, soft, against the night, as it was leaning back, taking it all in. There it goes below the horizon made of trees, showcased by bright, twinkling stars. They seem brighter, now that they shine on their own.

 I can't be too deep into the forest, I hear a train in the distance, it's whistle echoing across the acres of cotton fields. I now, like the moon before me, with my cowboy hat resting upon my knee, am leaning back, taking it all in. I am filled with warmth now, not by the fire in front of me; but the warmth of friendship I have crossed, known, and new to my heart. The fire still ablaze into the dark, rises, as do my aspirations for 2011 and beyond. Every color in a rainbow burns deep within the fire. Keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep exploring yourself and the universe around you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

23 Markers Unknown To Me

Inspiration is an unusual gust of wind - JCD

Trees singing in unison, the maestro playing the wind
Orchestrating the sky above, now dancing away
Mobbed by the thickness of color, soon a blanket of snow
Pasture amidst the forest, stones stacked, illustrating metes and bounds
Limitations of imagination, protrude within myself
Captured in silence, wandering loudly in my dreams
Missing thoughts of wonder, gathering upon thy harvest
Each leaf, remnant of yesterday, a falling tear

BY: John DeRosa

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Johnny Unite Us #19

There is a slight chill in the air this evening, the night before Election Day; as I sit here alone upon a cold bench, in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, in our nations capitol. A group of Secret Service Police Officers, in conversation; maybe talking about tonight's World Series victors, the San Francisco Giants, or how bad the Redskins played, loosing to Detroit. I'll never know the secrets of their huddle; probably trying to stay warm as they stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. Seems like yesterday, when I was last here to witness the Parade for newly elect President Obama, this past Inauguration Day. Here I am, now midnight, in Washington D.C. on day 88 of my cross-country adventures, visiting all the state capitols, looking over at the White House in its slumber, only a few lights still visible, shining out into the night, with the American Flag waving ever so proudly atop our nations estate.

I sense a new day of change upon us, a new temporary solution to all that ails this great place of freedom called the United States of America. What truly unites us as a nation? Is it our infrastructure, our highways that connect one beautiful state to their surrounding neighbors? Is it the education of our past, to teach to tomorrows generation; as it was taught to us? Will they show compassion to our generation now, as time ages, will their justice be kind and graceful? Is it our different faiths; that one day we may unite as one , in prayer, globally, and grant peace for all of humanity? To be united, we starts in the community, helping thy neighbor, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless.

Haven driven 20,720 miles since leaving St. Pete Beach, Florida, I have noticed a bit of renovating and restoring of the outer structure of some of our State Capitol Buildings, built many many elections ago. With tomorrows elections held all across America, who will lead the renovation and restoration of the heart of our freedoms? One day, embodied in my spirit, I hope to believe in government for the people, all the people.

To our newly elected officials for the people, take seriously our declining youth. Playgrounds and parks are mostly vacant, empty basketball and tennis courts with broken health and torn nets, decaying in yesterday's wind. The same goes with our playing fields for football, baseball, and soccer, overrun with weeds of nature and human debris. Technology is taking over our childrens playtime. Refurbish our basic past times, and you will conserve the pursuit of health and happiness for our children. As winter nears, warm our dreams of tomorrow, with truth and good judgement today; our unity depends on it.

Thanks to the nice lady who gave me personal passes to both the Senate and House of Representatives galleries; neither a part of the usual tour open to the public. To sit in there quietly, and imagine the noise of democracy at the utmost highest level, listening for the echos of our forefathers, on this Election Day, meant so much. Thank you for such a gift of kindness.

P.S. Whether you won or lost your campaign for office; don't forget to collect all your campaign signs. Recycle, if you can.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frost Upon a New Day

The yard is thick with nature's debris as leaves continue to fall slower than today - JCD

It has been a while since I drove straight through the State of Oklahoma without stopping to visit somewhere other than the State Capitol Building. As I continued on to Texas I felt disappointed that I didn't stop to take in any of the sites. I promised myself to slow down just a bit, to do and see as much as I could; so here I am driving north into Vermont, feeling the urge to drive straight to Montpelier and on to Augusta, Maine to speed up my progress. I kindly remind myself of this and decide to stop in Killington, VT at the local Chamber of Commerce, to drop off brochures of the Tampa Bay area beaches and ask what there was to do for someone just passing through. I was directed to Texas Falls located on the east side of the Green Mountain State Forest north on Highway 100. On the map I noticed that Robert Frost's summer cabin wasn't too far out of the way. I couldn't name one poem the Great American Poet wrote; but found myself intrigued. Being a first time published poet, I was, and am even more now enamoured to find out as much as I can about this man who has won not only four Pulitzer Prize Awards, but the hearts of so many.

Here I am walking up a path to his cabin with stones stacked on both sides, about two feet high, that were probably carried up from the stream below in the valley by Mr. Frost himself, to illustrate the metes and bounds of where his heart dwelled every time summer neared. He might have even built this cabin himself; only research will tell. As I walk around to the other side to see what view he might have had, I notice a slab of stone rested upon other stones that seemed to be used as a sitting spot. With the leaves dancing in the wind and sky singing the chorus, I sat down upon this perch; which felt as if someone has sat there many times before.

Not being in a rush, I sat for a spell contemplating life and purpose, listening to nature reach out to me in a way I haven't noticed for some time now. Relaxed and taking in the day, I find myself describing how I honestly feel, writing in a way bewildered to yesterday. If one could only be sitting here where I am now and see how simple and easy life could be.

Frost Upon a New Day

Where and when will I find my isolated spot for inspiration
Maybe it is where ever I may be at that moment
Maybe I already found it
My soul still reaching out
My heart still leading the way
I am at peace within, through exhausted breaths for which I am
Winter nears as tomorrow has already come
Mountains of my favorite hue rest solemnly; as my life is humbled for just a while

By: John DeRosa

How can I understand life if I can't feel it through other peoples eyes? - JCD

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Woodstock is Still Colorful

     A man walks into a bar a stranger and leaves with seven new friends. It happened to me in Woodstock, NY at a great place called Gypsy Wolf Cantina. What a great name! What a great place! It had me written all over, for I am traveling alone and was craving a beer; especially after a wonderful day kayaking the Hudson River that surrounds the Saugerties Lighthouse. If you ever find yourself in Woodstock, drive just a short stint up Highway 212, to witness human nature at it's purest kindness. The food is delightful, fuego upon request, and the wolves blood sneaks up on you.

Thank you again my newest of friends: Miguel, Jorgue, Jonathon, Marlon, Billy and Jessica, Jamie and Matt, for an evening to remember.

Miguel;Feliz Cunpleanos (Happy Birthday)! I hope you are having as much fun visiting your home town in El Salvador, as I did mine in Fairmont,WV. Matt; inspire to be heard, let freedom sing, be safe and steadfast in Iraq, Jamie awaits your return home. Jessica; keep illustrating life through your colorful vision. I hope to return to Woodstock one day; until then Dream-Create-Explore

Wheres Johnny