Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The beach now nestled in between my toes, as I burrow my soles into the sand, in front of the Undertow Beach Bar, on the islands of St. Pete Beach, FL. The water as blue as I have been accustomed to for the past twenty-three years, with sand as white, as a fresh blanket of snow, minus the colder temperatures. I am home now. I have returned safely to paradise, after traveling 22,700 miles, spreading the word of "No Oil"on our Tampa Bay area beaches, visiting 48 state capitols, and 15 national parks, along with our nations capitol, and some monuments in Washington D.C.; all in 105 days. A journey of a lifetime, that took my breath away, around every corner, over every mountain, and to oceans with 22 beaches not nearly as soft and pristine as ours here.

The magnitude of this adventure will take my lifetime to truly understand, all that I will gain eternally; as my external being relaxes from a long awaited dream. This quest of kindness and hospitality that I have embarked upon, doling out, and in reception of, hopefully left an impression on all ends. The generosity in friendship and sponsorship, known and new, was a huge part of my safe return. I am, and will forever be grateful. I can still feel the warmth and compassion that was bestowed onto me. I can still see the loving smiles of America, as colorful as the foliage under the autumn sun, as I drove from state to state, and city to city, dreaming, creating, and exploring.

Though, this trip has found it's overwhelming conclusion; I will continue to utilize my wheresjohnny blog to share with all of you, why I choose to live here, this place, I call paradise. I give you my solemn word that there is "NO OIL" on our beaches. It was a gorgeous day here on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico! Your next vacation awaits!

You can find other updates on facebook as well (John DeRosa). Stay true to yourselves, and inspire to be heard.


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  1. "Paradise" is glad to have you "HOME" safe & sound. Your smile emits the excitement of a young child who has been to Disney Land for the first time. I know that everyone will be wanting to hear of your journey first-hand.....maybe you can plan a gathering in the future to share your adventure with your many friends & followers. Love you My Son, Mutti :-)