Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feet in the Sand-Head in the Clouds

The shadow of the sun has changed the time of the day. With each new day, a collection of memories formed the foundation of yesterday, creating steps that will lead me to tomorrow. Yesterday was 103 days ago, and tomorrow is only a sunset away. I ask myself; did I dream enough to promote our beaches, did I create enough to spread kindness, did I explore enough to heal my wounds. Pride in where you live, how you love, and what you give, is an extension of who you are. I am blessed to live on Pass-a-grille Beach, where the white sand entices me to stay a while, to stop and listen to the waves roll upon shore like a whisper from a far away echo, assuring me, that this is paradise, this is my home, where the blue skies melt onto the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and takes me away.

I am anxious for my return for so many reasons; some old, some new. I am looking forward to seeing my friends who through all of this, have helped me see the sun well after it has set beyond the horizon. For the past three months, I have chased the sun as if I was chasing a dream, escaping the slumber of my heart, to awaken fresh, somewhere new. Each day, a new expression of nature, a new hope for humanity, led me down a path of the unknown. How did they, before us, endeavor the terrain without roads, maps, or GPS, and travel abroad in search of something new, a place to call home? I would still be out there on this walk about of mine, wandering aimless to the wonders of this beautiful country, if I didn't have the tools needed for my safe return.

 Nearly 22,500 miles later,and I am almost home. Did you know that the circumference of the Earth is 24,900 miles? The distance one must go to find themselves right back to the start of it all, the beginning to an end. My travels are nearly over for this journey; however, my thirst for life continues, as tomorrow has yet begun.

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  1. AWESOME words & BREATHTAKING pics once again My Son! It's soooooo good to have you & glowing from your journey! Ich liebe dich........C-C, Mutti