Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Watchful Night

     An hour has gone by, with me watching the warmth of the fire. It hisses at me; while the fungus melts onto the wet logs. This is my last night of camping, quietly beneath the stars, I find it hard to write through the flames. I am seven suns away until I return myself, safely, back to home. I can't believe how far I have come; nor how close I am, to completing this quest of mine to dream, create, and explore what lies inside me, and the world that surrounds me. A journey I thought of four years ago, while waiting on a friend at the airport in Greenville, SC. The same place I am traveling to this weekend to visit other friends, and the new edition they brought into this beautiful world. I am presently enjoying this evening, reflecting the past six months of my life, asking myself, "how is it, that this fire sends me to a calmness, I, up to this point, have yet to know?" I seem new to myself, fresh to an idea. I hope to push myself more; so to continue my pursuit, to find and follow my purpose. This past three and a half months, I have challenged my heart, questioned my faith, aimlessly, in search of my soul. I am very appreciative the patience I have discovered, watching nature express her ways. I will forever be grateful for the kindness I have received throughout this road trip of mine. I wish you all could see the moon, soft, against the night, as it was leaning back, taking it all in. There it goes below the horizon made of trees, showcased by bright, twinkling stars. They seem brighter, now that they shine on their own.

 I can't be too deep into the forest, I hear a train in the distance, it's whistle echoing across the acres of cotton fields. I now, like the moon before me, with my cowboy hat resting upon my knee, am leaning back, taking it all in. I am filled with warmth now, not by the fire in front of me; but the warmth of friendship I have crossed, known, and new to my heart. The fire still ablaze into the dark, rises, as do my aspirations for 2011 and beyond. Every color in a rainbow burns deep within the fire. Keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep exploring yourself and the universe around you.


  1. VERY NICE My Son!!! I'm awaiting the many stories that I'm sure you have to share. I.L.D.-C-C, Mutti

  2. I love the way you expose your true self to the world through sharing happiness, travel, nature, pictures, and your innermost thoughts. You are a kind soul and that is a beautiful thing. 👍👏✌❣