Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frost Upon a New Day

The yard is thick with nature's debris as leaves continue to fall slower than today - JCD

It has been a while since I drove straight through the State of Oklahoma without stopping to visit somewhere other than the State Capitol Building. As I continued on to Texas I felt disappointed that I didn't stop to take in any of the sites. I promised myself to slow down just a bit, to do and see as much as I could; so here I am driving north into Vermont, feeling the urge to drive straight to Montpelier and on to Augusta, Maine to speed up my progress. I kindly remind myself of this and decide to stop in Killington, VT at the local Chamber of Commerce, to drop off brochures of the Tampa Bay area beaches and ask what there was to do for someone just passing through. I was directed to Texas Falls located on the east side of the Green Mountain State Forest north on Highway 100. On the map I noticed that Robert Frost's summer cabin wasn't too far out of the way. I couldn't name one poem the Great American Poet wrote; but found myself intrigued. Being a first time published poet, I was, and am even more now enamoured to find out as much as I can about this man who has won not only four Pulitzer Prize Awards, but the hearts of so many.

Here I am walking up a path to his cabin with stones stacked on both sides, about two feet high, that were probably carried up from the stream below in the valley by Mr. Frost himself, to illustrate the metes and bounds of where his heart dwelled every time summer neared. He might have even built this cabin himself; only research will tell. As I walk around to the other side to see what view he might have had, I notice a slab of stone rested upon other stones that seemed to be used as a sitting spot. With the leaves dancing in the wind and sky singing the chorus, I sat down upon this perch; which felt as if someone has sat there many times before.

Not being in a rush, I sat for a spell contemplating life and purpose, listening to nature reach out to me in a way I haven't noticed for some time now. Relaxed and taking in the day, I find myself describing how I honestly feel, writing in a way bewildered to yesterday. If one could only be sitting here where I am now and see how simple and easy life could be.

Frost Upon a New Day

Where and when will I find my isolated spot for inspiration
Maybe it is where ever I may be at that moment
Maybe I already found it
My soul still reaching out
My heart still leading the way
I am at peace within, through exhausted breaths for which I am
Winter nears as tomorrow has already come
Mountains of my favorite hue rest solemnly; as my life is humbled for just a while

By: John DeRosa

How can I understand life if I can't feel it through other peoples eyes? - JCD


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