Thursday, November 4, 2010

Johnny Unite Us #19

There is a slight chill in the air this evening, the night before Election Day; as I sit here alone upon a cold bench, in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, in our nations capitol. A group of Secret Service Police Officers, in conversation; maybe talking about tonight's World Series victors, the San Francisco Giants, or how bad the Redskins played, loosing to Detroit. I'll never know the secrets of their huddle; probably trying to stay warm as they stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. Seems like yesterday, when I was last here to witness the Parade for newly elect President Obama, this past Inauguration Day. Here I am, now midnight, in Washington D.C. on day 88 of my cross-country adventures, visiting all the state capitols, looking over at the White House in its slumber, only a few lights still visible, shining out into the night, with the American Flag waving ever so proudly atop our nations estate.

I sense a new day of change upon us, a new temporary solution to all that ails this great place of freedom called the United States of America. What truly unites us as a nation? Is it our infrastructure, our highways that connect one beautiful state to their surrounding neighbors? Is it the education of our past, to teach to tomorrows generation; as it was taught to us? Will they show compassion to our generation now, as time ages, will their justice be kind and graceful? Is it our different faiths; that one day we may unite as one , in prayer, globally, and grant peace for all of humanity? To be united, we starts in the community, helping thy neighbor, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless.

Haven driven 20,720 miles since leaving St. Pete Beach, Florida, I have noticed a bit of renovating and restoring of the outer structure of some of our State Capitol Buildings, built many many elections ago. With tomorrows elections held all across America, who will lead the renovation and restoration of the heart of our freedoms? One day, embodied in my spirit, I hope to believe in government for the people, all the people.

To our newly elected officials for the people, take seriously our declining youth. Playgrounds and parks are mostly vacant, empty basketball and tennis courts with broken health and torn nets, decaying in yesterday's wind. The same goes with our playing fields for football, baseball, and soccer, overrun with weeds of nature and human debris. Technology is taking over our childrens playtime. Refurbish our basic past times, and you will conserve the pursuit of health and happiness for our children. As winter nears, warm our dreams of tomorrow, with truth and good judgement today; our unity depends on it.

Thanks to the nice lady who gave me personal passes to both the Senate and House of Representatives galleries; neither a part of the usual tour open to the public. To sit in there quietly, and imagine the noise of democracy at the utmost highest level, listening for the echos of our forefathers, on this Election Day, meant so much. Thank you for such a gift of kindness.

P.S. Whether you won or lost your campaign for office; don't forget to collect all your campaign signs. Recycle, if you can.

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  1. It is Shelly and I wanted to tell you that your website is awesome! I enjoyed meeting you at The Black Pearl in Newport and can't wait to give your book to my friend Miss. Your spirit is wonderful and full of such energy. I look forward to following your travels. If you are ever back in Indy make sure you look me up! Shelly