Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life on the Rock

I'm innocent I tell you; I did nothing wrong. How does one right a wrong? How do you forgive yourself when nobody else does? Forgiveness or the act of forgiving. I personally need to work on this form of acceptance when someone or something wrongs what I believe to be good and pure. The spirits and voices before me that still echo from this rock; I wonder if they found their forgiveness for their crimes and shortcomings from within, from the victims families, their own families, society as it was back then. Was their faith forgiving; their God?

Here I am sitting on the top step of the recreation yard and just over what's remaining of the barbed wire fence is an outline of the Golden Gate Bridge. Who of the prisoners was privileged to have such a great perch and view of life passing them by? I laid back and allowed the sun to caress my face and thoughts of my freedom brought a smile about.

Escape from Alcatraz is one of my all time favorite movies. I have wanted to visit the rock for some time now and I must say I wasn't disappointed. I walked around freely for about three hours following an audio tour that was intuitive of time served here. It was weird sitting in the cells, walking into solitary confinement. Free I am wandering about where authority was ruler! I decided to go back to the yard one last time and glance out at what was freedom. A place in our own hearts where we find forgiveness.


  1. WOW John!! What inspiring & superb words to describe was like I was there myself. Love you & be safe, Mutti

  2. John, Still keeping track of your travels. We are leaving for Germany Sept. 6, Give Oma a call to bid her a safe journey.
    Keep going, Larry and Nancy