Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gate To The Gold

Here I am on the Golden Gate Bridge. Trina and I walked across to the other side and back through fog that was so thick we could see maybe twenty yards in front of us. All we could hear was traffic passing by and the fog horn below summoning to the vessels at bay. At its own pace the fog slowly dissipated creating an incredible view of the city upon clouds. After our near four mile walk we headed to the Gold Dust to quench our thirst. The people here seem happy all the time; everyone has a smile as they go about their day whether they are on the trolley, biking, walking, running or taking the ferry. Must be something in the water. Everything has a cost. It is an expensive place to live with parking being the biggest commodity. The diversity of food and people makes for an exciting experience. I will be taking a ferry over to Alcatraz. I was given five years to life.


  1. Rock on brotha!!! It is most awesome to check in on you & feel a surge of love & admiration for you! Let me know if there is anything you need............xxo

  2. Hey Johnnie Rocket-
    we are so proud and jealous! what an amazing journey you are on. wow. wonderful job keeping all your homies in the loop. we are keeping track. be safe-continue the fun. see you on your return.
    swim-o, beeg, linda and petie PASS-A-GRILLE