Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coastal Cruising


 I left L.A. after only staying one night late Sunday afternoon. I was in L.A. earlier in the week and got to see and experience a lot of the popular places. I was ready to continue on with my journey. I depart around 5:30pm and go over the Topanga Canyon Trail and take the Pacific Coast Highway north up the coastline. Along the way I was in the right place at the right time to watch the sunset. I found an odd rock formation that I climbed to get a better view.

I drove just a little further and found a place to camp for the night. The next day was a continuation of yesterday's drive with breath taking views around every curve. I didn't keep count; but I know I must have pulled over at least 50 times to take photos. I cruised all the way from L.A. to
San Francisco without turning on the radio. Mother Nature was my DJ for this part of the trip allowing me to slow dance up the coast. I arrived safely in San Francisco about 7:30pm Monday. More updates to come.......


  1. Guten Morgen!! please see if there's any Clint memorabilia @ Alcatraz........Love you!! Be SAFE!! :-)

  2. BTW......viewing some more GREAT pics!! C-C!! :-)