Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Given My Freedom

Hello Friends,

      It has been a while since my last entry and I do apologize for the wait. It wasn't easy doing hard time; but I am free now. We put ourselves in our own prison at times. We get so hard on ourselves for no reason. Once you realize that there is nothing holding you back you can go anywhere and do everything your heart desires. After my early release I said good bye to Trina and Sean who were very good to me during my time in San Fransisco. Thanks Trenebean! Thanks Sean!
      Next stop Sacramento!

 I had to thank Arnold for granting me a pardon; but not before a visit to Redwood City to see an old friend Bill Keating and his wife Emy. After a great BBQ in the back yard we spoke of my journey; but mostly we just caught up and reminessed about the good old days back on St. Pete Beach in the early nineties. Driving onward to Sacramento I find myself overwhelmed with all the kindness I have witnessed thus far and the graciousness of homes I have been welcomed in. Everywhere I have stayed so far was all due to the fact that I met them back home in St. Pete Beach or through a friend. An extension of Paradise I'd like to think.

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