Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Driving Thru the Redwoods

      Like a Glove! As cheesy as it looks I went through three times. I have been out in the wilderness too long. Actually; I am enjoying the great outdoors very much. A bit more daring with each stop. After my weekend at Yosemite I headed back to San Fransisco to grab a shower at my friends and literally am out the door ready to go in minutes. Four hours of daylight left and I have yet to gaze upon a giant Redwood. Thanks again Sean and Trina!
         Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge is John Muir Park where lies a few Redwoods. Comparable to the larger parks further north; I wanted to see these beauties in masses. Passed right on by continuing on up the coast driving close to night fall. When morning arrived I found myself camped near
The Avenue of the Giants. A 16 mile drive through the Redwoods. This is where I find thee tree. I walked past it at first as if I wasn't suppose to look at it; as if it had a disease, or a deformity. Like most trees laying around in the forest this one too burned through at the base. So here I am standing inside this tree being one with the tree. Strong roots is the key to it's survival, the key to any ones survival. I feel really small at this point; physically and emotionally. The sky cries for both of us; as rain trickles down through the foliage high above. As I walk back down the path that brought me here; I look back one last time at this tree and it's place in the forest realizing now that its hardships has made it stronger than ever. Adversity at it's finest proving once again life continues. Ugliness is beautiful if you look deep within.


  1. Hi Homer!! So glad to see UR blogging again. I look for these updates with great anxiety. UR pics & inspiring words make me feel as if I was there with you. Keep up the good journey with an open heart & SMILES!! :-) Mutti

  2. Johnny that last post was great! I have Frank and Ken following along now