Friday, September 17, 2010

Stay Weird Portland

Made it to Portland on Thursday and arrived at Trevor, Christy, Adie, and Max's house. Not knowing how long I was staying I just went with the flow. It was nice to sleep in a bed for the first time in a week. My sleeping buddy Ollie (boxer) snores louder than I do; but that did not deter me from sound rest. I relaxed on Friday and caught up with my laundry. On Saturday we all went downtown to the farmers market held along the riverfront and three city blocks; which is listed as one of the largest markets in the country. The weather was an added warmth that brought out the friendliness of Portland along with some great arts and crafts, food, and entertainment it all made for a fun day. The only down fall was the homeless who are welcomed in Portland; though they went about it politely. After the market we walked to Powell's Book Store. This place was huge, one whole city block with three different levels. Books galore. We drove up to Counsel Crest afterward for a view of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens both about 60 miles away. I now am fascinated with these volcanic glaciers and must get a closer look. The adults went out for a night on the town going to some wild and fascinating bars. Evander Beer would go over well here. Over a couple of beers at BOG Trevor offers a trip to Mt. Hood and a drive back through the Gorge along the Columbia River. The same river that Lewis and Clark navigated on their way to the Pacific's blue wonder. So; on Sunday after the Buccaneers victory off we went. It was a pure joy to be the passenger for a change and sit back and take it all in. Thanks again Trevor and Christy for opening your home to me and treating me with such kindness. Adie, thanks for the bottlecat charm and Max for the Batman sticker. I will see you guys soon in sunny St. Pete Beach. On Monday I packed up and off to Mt. St. Helens I went.

                       Lewis and Clark Trail


  1. Another AWESOME entry. I'm anxiously awaiting the next one. Be safe my Son!! C-C! :-) Mutti

  2. Johnny- Bought your book, am reading your book, LOVE your book! Today's poem reads, " True passion in Christ is where the work is". So true and inspiring. Thanks for such a reminder-especially as we approach Holy Week. And the photos of your trip- breathtaking! What a rare find you are- A man not afraid to put feet to his dreams and a voice to his heart. May God Bless you and keep you- thanks for sharing ( and for the peach schnapps!)-Alicia