Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Olmsted Point was an absolute joy; to arrive at the park just in time for sunset was better yet. As soon as I got there the group that pulled up beside me was pointing at the stickers on the jeep and asking questions about the oil situation back home in Florida. After our discussion I passed out some brochures on the area and awarded them with a $100 Undertow gift card. In return they rewarded me with a Bass beer. Perfect for sunset! As they moved on I climbed the hill behind me for a better perch to take some photos and bask in all my freedoms.

I awoke the next morning at the end of the ahwahnee (valley in Miwok) looking up out of a box of granite abstract as the firs that cascade the cliffs above me. No plans; so I hop on the bike and allow it to find a path and take me away. Five miles later I lock up and start hiking up a trail that says Vernal Falls. Almost a mile up and I'm starting to wonder where the waterfall is. Now the trail turns into steps up the otherside of the hill. I lost count after 300 or so when the crest of the falls came into view.
 Labor Day weekend and here I am laboring up this hill. All well worth this photo alone:

The hike back didn't take long at all since it was mostly all down hill. The bike ride back to the jeep is a different story. So much of nature right there for the taking; so I took in as much as I could just riding around. Once I made it to the jeep I loaded up and was in search of a pine cone. Not just any pine cone. I decided to head south to Mariposa Grove and visit the Giant Sequoia Trees. Success! Pine cone heaven I tell you.

 I found three worth taking and headed north again to catch the sunset this time on top of Glacier Point. I am directly above where I awoke earlier this morning. I would have to drive 32 miles just to get 8,000 feet below. The view is of the east with the changing of colors upon the cliff base of Half-Dome. The whole ahwahnee soaked in the last of the sun as the trees and the mountains faded into the night. As people started heading back to their camps; I headed to the jeep to grab a quilt my great-grandmother made and a water bottle with half filled scotch (Thanks Ryan) to keep me warm underneath the audience of stars.

In the morning I picked my self off the huge rock that was my bed for the evening and decided to say good by to YOSEMITE. Three suns Two moons and One life changing adventure.


  1. John, ´Hello from everyone in Germany. You are having quite a trip and so are we.
    We are with eachother in our hearts.

  2. Dear Johnny, Your journey is so interesting and wonderful. I am very proud of my grandson I wish I could be with you, in my thoughts I am with you. Looking at your pictures and stories I am following you in my thoughts. Auf Wiedersehn,
    Your Grandmother, Omi