Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackson MS-Day 3

Where's Johnny?

    Left Baton Rouge around noon and got on I 12E toward Mississippi heading north to Jackson, MS. I am looking forward to visiting the City of Jackson and it's Capitol Building for the rich history and a familiar face. A friend of mine is living there now who I'm use to seeing at the Wharf Restaurant on Pass-a-grille Beach. Steve Webb will be assisting me with my visit at the Capitol this afternoon once I arrive. Driving pass the Vicksburg exit I wish I had more time to get off this exit and visit the old battle grounds during the confederate war. Many soldiers were killed in battle changing the shape of the south for years to come.   
    I find my way through the city and I meet up with Steve for a bite to eat at Hal's & Mal's. A well known place where the locals have gathered for generations. It's an old train depot which was converted to the fine establishment it is today. Even Jim Morrison of the doors found his way there during one of his gigs in the area. He mentioned the spot in a Rolling Stones article back in the day which is proudly framed and hung upon entry. After a cup of roasted tomato soup, a salad w/buttermilk ranch freshly churned. The main course chicken fried steak over white rice, gravy, lima beans w/chunks of ham and corn bread. Country style cooking at its finest.
   When Steve and I finished it was back to business. Steve being a Pass-a-grille man himself brought it to my attention that most of the people in this region usually visit the gulf areas of Mississippi as well as Pensacola and Panama Beaches; they just think that all of Florida has oil on their beaches. We who live and make a living in the Tampa bay area beaches can only hope that this is an area of opportunity that can be reached through creative marketing. As the thunder crashes near by I realize it is time to move on. I thank Steve for lunch and picking up a sponsorship for the State of Mississippi. Memphis here I come!

Republic Parking of Jackson is the sponsor for Mississippi


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