Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 4 Memphis to Little Rock Arkansas

Good morning,

    It is a fine day here in Memphis on a gorgeous Tuesday morning. I arrived here last night at my friend Garen's house around 8 pm to some BBQ from the Commissary in Germantown. I got a chance to see the boys although I know they are disappointed I'm only here for one night. We go out on the deck after dinner to reflect on life and the things that happen along the way that gives us new perspectives of things to come. Garen a graduate of Eckerd College knows the beaches well and is concerned about future trips to St. Pete Beach now and during Bucs games. I reassured him that PARADISE AWAITS. He and his family are planning to visit in November. A couple bourbons later and heavy eyes from the drive I drag myself up the stairs and find myself fast asleep.
    The fresh aroma of homemade biscuits and bacon awakens me from a deep coma. Lucinda; you truly know how to always seem to make me feel right at home. Off to Little Rock I go; but not until Garen picks up the sponsorship for Arkansas and Tennessee. If that wasn't enough he got the Jeep a new pair of slippers installed by Sam at Performance Tires off of Covington Pike. Less than an hour later I find myself driving over the mighty Mississippi River for the last time until I find myself on the eastern bound trip about a month from now landing back here in Memphis in time to watch the boys play soccer. Can;t wait to see you guys.

Elvis says there is
      NO OIL
on the Tampa Bay
  area beaches                                      


  1. Safe Travels Johnny through the best ride of your life! Miss ya!

  2. Your smile seems bigger every day Meine Sonne!!! Mutti :-)