Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Span of Unity

    Day 67 and here I am on top of the highest peak in the tri-county area, high enough to see Pennsylvania and Maryland join West Virginia under a sky of far away stars that shine brightly down upon a not so unified world. The beauty I have witnessed across this great land of ours is indescribable at times; whether it be by photograph, memory, or words I utter on paper. I have driven nearly 18,000 miles, 33 state capitols, and 13 national parks, and have come to the realization that unity is based on trust, the belief that together we can change the world; even if the world seems unchangeable. Each effort, every prayer, from all individual participants regardless of religion, nationality, race, or gender can and does make a difference.
    I was at my friends' wedding this past Sunday held on the rooftop of the Ravel Hotel overlooking the skyline of Manhattan to share in their unity of holy matrimony. The gathering of both individuals family and friends brought joy to this unification of love, this collaboration of happiness, becoming one, becoming a team. A team can experience many hardships together throughout the course of a season. Earlier I was watching the Tampa Bay Rays play the Texas Rangers in an elimination game in St. Petersburg, FL with the winner advancing to play the New York Yankees. Being down 3-1 in the ninth I thought the Rays were out hustled up to this point between the bases, and they were. What I didn't notice was another game being shown on CNN now had my full attention instead of the MLB Playoffs.
   The first  of 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine was about to be hoisted up 2,300ft (nearly 1/2 a mile) in a capsule just barely big enough for an average human being to be re-united with the world for the first time in 69 days, united with their family and friends. So when someone noticed a few tears rolling down my cheeks; they replied "it is only a game""why the sad tears". Those were tears of joy for the miners and their loved ones who never gave up hope; never stopped believing.
    Life isn't a game! You never know when tomorrow will never come!

Justin & Molina - enjoy each new day together - thanks for sharing your special day with me
Tampa Bay Rays - there is always next year - thanks for the great season
Texas Rangers - beat the Yankees - sorry Steve and Mike
Chilean Miners & Family - may the blessings from around the world continue to keep you safe

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  1. Hi, John- I read about your blog in the Fairmont WV paper and was pleasantly surprised by it. The photos are amazing. Best of luck with the rest of your journey and your book. I'll be back.
    Marcia H.