Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free 2 B Free

Well, enough of the photos for now-Farmland, the heart of this country surrounded by tourism, home cooked food compared to fast food, country music to rap, pick-up trucks to sports cars, boots to flip-flops; a nice blend called America. There are so many differences across this great land of ours, some political, some religious, and some based on morality, beliefs, cultures, and upbringings. The one thing we all have in common as the people is our freedoms; though we tend to disagree in what manner at times. Every household, street, block, neighborhood, township, city, metropolis, county and state is incorporated on the basis of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Along this journey of mine I have witnessed wealth and poverty like day to night, families picnicking together and homelessness in the same parks. Does it go unnoticed or deliberately ignored? When did the communities stop being neighborly, stop caring, stop being fair. Remember, we are all the nucleus of our freedoms. Is it too late to get involved, too late to do the right thing. At what age do we start teaching the children to preserve their own freedoms? I myself have to work on getting involved more. Together, if we all work together, not only do we build character personally; but as a nation. Life is contagious, we must preserve tomorrow.

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