Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Cleaning

    Day game in Anaheim and I forgot to grab a broom for the road sweep of the Angels. As soon as we walk in on the second pitch John Jaso hits one out of the park. 1-0 to start off Game 3 of the series. Welcome back Neiman say the Angels and before you know it Napoli puts the Angels up 8-1 with a grand slam clearing the bases. Angels ended up winning 12-3 reminding me I should have brought a mop to the game instead. No; I didn't cry. There is no crying in baseball! Two out of three isn't bad.
    After the game we drive back over to Bullhead City. Four days of baseball, two days at the beach, Hollywood Blvd., and the Sunset Strip all in only four days. I met some new friends, saw new faces and was able to unwind my mind and take life in for what it was presenting me as we drove back across the Mojave Dessert. I need a good night's rest.

Where's Johnny going next?

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