Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fleece Night at the Big A

After the Oakley tour Big Al, Ryan and I left for Huntington Beach with Jay driving back to Palm Springs. Jay; nice meeting you brother. Tell Dennis and Diane thanks for their hospitality. Huntington Beach was a cool scene. Long pier far and high above the incoming white foam. Some nice waves and plenty of surfers awaiting their next pull. Greg; I know you would have been out there.

 Unlike Venice beach known for its b-ball courts Huntington has 32 volleyball courts. Did you know that Undertow Volleyballers? After lunch we head back to Anaheim to watch the Rays pound the
Angels 10 - 3. Fleece night at the Big A made for a nice crowd to witness the Rays win.

                                               Bringing out the broom tomorrow. Go Rays!!

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  1. Some more great pics.......& nice waves. You're doing a fine job & puttin' lots of miles on your Jeep! :-)