Saturday, August 21, 2010

Missing Photos From Little Rock-Oklahoma City-Austin-San Antonio

Hello everyone,

   This is a shout out to Jeremy Whitaker in Little Rock, Arkansas-Holly in Oklahoma City-Bryan Lynch in Austin, Texas-Lori Brown (LB) in San Antonio, Texas. My friends thank you so much for sharing part of my journey with you and sharing your home with me. I somehow have managed to misfile my photos of that part of my trip. I am still learning as I go as much of this technology as I can. Though I don't have the pictures to display; I do have the memories shared. If and when I recover lost files I will display them properly.
     Jeremy-I hope you haven't returned to the Sushi place on Market Street! It was good to see you my friend. Keep up the positive attitude on life. Your BIG BROTHER (Garen) and I are proud of you.
     Holly-Keep smiling
     Bryan-Pass-a-grille is calling. Great dedication you have. You are Juan in a million. Juan in a Million great place to eat while in Austin
     LB- Remember the Alamo-Tell Jeff and Angie @ The Copa thanks for the wine and hospitality-Peace-Love-and Wine

Thanks again to you all

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