Saturday, August 21, 2010

All is Well

Hello friends, family, and followers,

    I am presently visiting my friends Alan(Big Al) and Ryan in Laughlin, Nevada-Bullhead City, Arizona right on the Colorado River. I arrived last night after a visit to Las Vegas. Thanks Matt (Poochie) for the spoiling at the Mirage Spa. After seeing nature at its finest from Telluride to Mesa Verde to Sedona to the Grand Canyon I was eager to get out of Sin City and get back on the road to see life a much slower pace. Don't get me wrong. I would love Vegas if I had the funds and time to take it all in. There were people everywhere along the Strip; so I decided to drive it both ways to show off the signage of  NO OIL on our beaches. I like it when I see the passersby checking out the message and conversing over the details. There were a few honks and some pointing in my direction.
   Since my stop in Telluride I have driven to Phoenix while resting along the way in Cameron, Ar. not knowing I was on an Indian Reservation. I was later told of some bad stories of motorists misfortunes that did the same. I was tired and not thinking. All is well !! Thank you Robin & Rob for a great night in Flagstaff. I must return some day.

 Arizona is being sponsored by: The Undertow Beach Bar-Hello Ladies-I could go for a Blackened Cod Sandwich on Rye w/lto and Pepper Jack Cheese right about now-Hey guys

   For the next four days I will be in Palm Springs-Los Angelos-Hollywood-Anaheim. Dodger Stadium on Sunday to watch Jonny Gomes and the Reds-Angel Stadium to watch the Rays kick some sand. While at the game I plan on promoting our beaches with a sign and pass out brochures; so look for me on TV. Go Rays!!

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