Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guten Tag

Good day my friends,

  I hope all is well in the universe of living, laughing, and loving; a combination of great health, happiness, and spiritual being. I am safe in sound in wonderful Memphis, Tennessee relaxing with my family of friends at the Haddad household. The weather is just ideal for the 2nd day of October bringing with it a freshness of a new season in harvesting the past; gathering our thoughts and emotions and storing them in our hearts. I am presently taking the weekend off to catch up on my rest and allow myself to take the past 56 days in. I have torn off the left page of my atlas, folded it and put it away. That part of the journey completed as I reflect back to the wild west. As I drove over the Mississippi River last night I realized that I was home. I was somewhere that I was familiar with; somewhere safe. Looking down at the odometer for the past fifty miles anticipating the trip-o-meter to roll over to all zeros brings back the excitement I have experienced so far. I have come so far since August 6th. I have traveled so far across this glorious place of freedom. Free to roam about this great land of ours and see things that I have only seen in books or heard through other peoples journey's. So here I am 26 state capitols into my own journey, 9 National Parks, having stopped by many monuments and historical landmarks, crossed many rivers, driven along vast lakes, and cruised up most of the coast of the Pacific Ocean's bounty of blue, having the time of my life.  I have seen trees as big as the sky would allow, witnessed life as raw as only nature can provide, and climbed mountains as mysterious as their myths. There we go; all zeros, I have officially completed 3/4 of the drive as the odometer rolls over for the 15th time. Wow! 15,000 miles as I crossed over my muddy friend with the lights of the blues shining along the bluffs just in front of me. My adventures will continue Monday as I do rest and enjoy my time here in Memphis. I will be adding more photos as well as stories and introducing some flashbacks now that I am back in civilization; though I must say I miss the leisure the west side of the Mighty Mississippi. Thank you to all of you who have taken me in and opened your homes and hearts to me, for showing me the best of where you live. Thanks for all the provisions that have provided fresh memories every time I indulged. I am forever graceful and hope to return the kindness one day.

Love Johnny


  1. WONDERFUL & AWE-INSPIRING words My Son!!!!! May God Stay With You....C-C, Mutti

  2. Hi...just read an article in the Paradise News about you and just had to check out your journey and local beach, what a spectacular trip...being a travel nurse i agree our country is so absolutely beautiful, thank you for safe and god bless...laralou
    Go Mounties and Steelers!!!