Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It has been some time since I have updated my blog. My last entry had me in Portland. Hello Cheyne family! Continuing north from Oregon I made a visit to Mt. St. Helens to the heart of the blast zone. Life is coming back to the region slowly; it has been thirty years now and you can still see the effects of the eruption. Afterward I headed for Olympia, Washington's State Capitol sponsored by: Thorpe Chiropractic & Rehab Center. Then it was off to the Pacific Ocean one last time to compare yet another beach and test it's plushness of sand to ours back in paradise. Would you believe that as many shells that wash ashore on our beach is equal to the amount of rocks that wash ashore on Ruby Beach. Not one shell; all rocks finely grinded down over many tides. I completed my cruise up the coast on Historic 101 around Mt. Olymus and then took a ferry boat from Kingston to Everett with yet another peaceful sunset on my way to Seattle. Guess what! It rained while I was in Seattle every day at one point and to my recollection this didn't seem to bother those of the mysterious city. I am quite pleased that I got to visit some friends while in town and meet a couple of new ones. Chris, Thanks for your hospitality and taking me to Palmer's. Go Rays by the way! Brian and Cory, thanks for your hospitality as well. Ryan and Bre, always nice to see you guys. Give Sasha some loving for me. I got to see the guys throw some fish and was unsuccessful at getting a photo of one in mid air. I either must return to Seattle or upgrade to a newer and faster camera. I didn't get shanghaied or buy an umbrella; nor have a cup of coffee at the original Starbuck's. It was right there. I was intrigued is all. On my way out of town I stop to visit one of my brothers Pete. It has been a while though it seems like yesterday. Good to see you.

Next stop was Helena, Montana sponsored by Getter Done Parking located across the street from the Undertow Beach Bar when the city allows. The Undertow is of no affiliation to Getter Done Parking; just pull up and say GETTERDONE. Now comes Yellowstone Park accompanied with a drive along the Lewis & Clark Trail. Two days of elk, bison, geysers, deer, paint pots, wildfires, waterfalls, all types of birds, pines, and flowers. I drove the hole loop of 160 miles and didn't see one bear
(hey BooBoo) or moose (hey Rocky). The same for Grand Teton National Park; everything but a grizzly or a moose. Jenny Lake was an incredible experience. Thanks Don for the recommendation. After a visit to Jackson Hole and a walk around town on their wooden plank sidewalks and through the arches made of elk antlers, celebrated since 1960; I was off driving again heading west again to Boise Idaho. Getting their passing through the Craters of the Moon, then Ketchum. Dean and Leslie Brewin! You two!! Thanks for calling the Sawtooth Club and having them take care of me. It was too cool to be some where you have spoken passionately about. And the fact that Ernest Hemingway frequented the Sawtooth Club back in his heyday made it even more intriguing for me. The next day I visited his home in Ketchum and his eternal resting spot. Okay, now I am headed to Boise; but wait. What is this? A campsite on a lake that isn't crowded and rests under a few glacier mountains. Wait! What's this? I pull into the campground reaching 10,000 miles for my journey. It's settled. I must stay and celebrate. A little kayaking, cutting of the wood, and a little dinner by the fire and under a full moon and a finishing off of a fine bottle of Chivas. I rarely drink scotch; thanks Ryan. So the next morning I actually make it to Boise. Beautiful State Capitol, a five tier dome with a huge rotunda. It's a shame that this building was the only artsy construction I noticed. Their college football team is ranked third in the country and I didn't see one banner of support. Go figure!

Boise Idaho is being sponsored in the memory of  Ma Barker (Helen)-You have two potatoes-

Presently I am sitting in a cafe in Salt Lake City called Nostalgia trying to catch up with all that I have done this past week out in the wilderness. State Capitol Building tomorrow, a visit to the lake; then it is off to visit Marrit in Vail, Colorado. Are you paying attention to the state capitols Clayton Louie? I'm quizzing you when I get back and do a little show and tell with you. Be a good boy. Uncle John loves you. That goes for you too Keelie and Buttercup! We must preserve tomorrow for the little ones! It is such a beautiful place of exploration.

More to come

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  1. Clayton Louie said by the time you get home, he'll be ready for you. Be safe and we all miss you so very much. Also, like I said before, not only is it great for adults to practically feel like we are right there with you, it's also great for children of all ages to learn about our country and it's history. You're doing such much besides promoting our beautiful beaches, brother. Keep your head held high and God by your side. See you soon. Love, you Sis, Ang. Pange