Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soaring High Above The Alpine Valley

Soaring: strap up, climb up, and blow like the wind through and above 150ft of splendid Ponderosa Pine

Started my first day in Telluride with a drive down to Durango and boarded a train with my family not knowing what they had in store for me. The train took us up river into the Alpine Valley where we hugged each turn over a beautiful gorge that stretches for miles. The scenery is breathtaking or was it the altitude. Once I figured out what we were getting ready to do the thrill of excitement settled in. Soaring Tree Top Adventures by far is the safest outdoor adventure I have ever experienced. When I say safe I am referring to the gear check done by almost everyone on the staff except maybe the Five Star Chef. Lunch was delicious by the way. We started off on the easiest of the zip line course as we all do and finished with a 1/4 mile finale over the river which we willingly got to do again. Working in hospitality myself I haven't witnessed team work at this magnitude anywhere other than a few places of travel. As the train pulled up to the lodge the staff eagerly awaited our arrival. At the end of the day each participant regardless of age (5-?) knew the staff by name as well as the staff knowing us by name. When the days adventure was over we all sat around with the biggest smiles upon our faces as we all staff included waited for the train to return to Durango. I enjoyed the experience immensely to the point of maybe coming out next season to be a part of something so extraordinary and pick up on a new line of work(fun). If interested in such a rush you can find
out more at:  I promise you it is a day for the whole family to take in nature at it's finest.                             


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