Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Hello friends and family,

     Spending most of the day Saturday driving through rain I arrived in New Orleans just as the last spectrum of light bled into the skyline of a city so new to me. Once I found my way to Letty's home just on the other side of the mighty Mississippi River I was greeted with open arms. After a good nights rest,breakfast, and a walk around the neighborhood I was given a tour of the city passing by Cajun culture at it's finest. Walking along the French Quarter we eased into the Turtle Bay Bar where JP sold us a bottle of Abita SOS (save our shores). Proceeds of 75 cents a beer goes to those affected by the OIL SPILL. Very tasty I must say! Check it out for yourselves @ Then we were off to follow the sound of horns blowing through the streets at the Satchmo Festival. The Baby Boyz Brass Band supplied the mood to get the heat off of every one's minds. Walking toward Bourbon Street I can still here the saxophone echo past the trolley bells. The day getting hotter we stepped into Pat Obrien's to wet our whistles and cool off to the melodies of two copper top pianos playing request from others too beating the heat. I was sad when it was time to go for I knew that I wanted to experience more of what Nawlins had to offer. It felt like having an appetizer with no dinner no desert.
     On the return back to Westwego we drove through parts of the city that is still struggling to get back to the way things were. My smile accumulated from the days activities was nothing but an open mouth frown. I felt so little; too helpless. I could only hope that someone any one from their community was traveling this great country of ours to confess their passion for their home, their city, their place of existence. Five years later these  loving people still need our prayers.
     I am presently resting staying with friends of friends getting prepared to visit the State Capitol of Louisiana here in Baton Rouge. I arrived earlier to a bowl of gumbo, shower and a place to rest my head. Andy and Meg have opened their hearts and home to a complete stranger the same way Letty in New Orleans (actually Westwego) did.
Beth; thank you so much for opening your circle of friends to me.
     I will be going to the State Capitol of Mississippi (Jackson) following Baton Rouge and then off to Memphis. I hope to see my friend Steve Webb in Jackson and Garen and family in Memphis for some BBQ. Until then my friends don't take life for granted.

 P.S. Louisiana is being sponsored by Riptides located on Blind Pass Rd on St. Pete Beach


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  1. John, You are on your way, good luck, be safe, keep the faith.
    Larry and Nancy