Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last sunset from the porch of the Historic Castle Hotel located on Pass-a-grille Beach before I travel across America to spread the word There is NO OIL on our Tampa bay area Beaches. Shared with good friends on August 5th 2010.

Changing of the guard bright sun to glowing moon an ongoing adventure. Who would not want to vacation here and soak up the fun?
Paradise awaits!!


  1. I was there & Johnny was surrounded by many family & friends. An AWESOME time was shared by all!! Mutti

  2. Good Luck Johnny! We are so proud of you! Safe travels & have FUN! Chrissy

  3. Great TV spot my son! :-)

  4. Hi Johnny
    Glad we were able to help send you off on your great adventure this morning. Your interview with Channel 10 came off well thanks to you and Casey.
    We contacted the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee to let them know about you and hopefully they have a film crew in downtown Tallahassee that can meet you there.
    After we left you this morning we had breakfast with a Pass-a-Grille hotel owner who said they wanted to sponsor a state for you and will contact Robin about that.
    Great luck for a safe and rewarding trip.
    Very truly yours
    Your new friends
    Peter and Renee Roos
    Paradise NEWS

  5. Day 2 My Son! How is Jacksonville? Don't forget to post a pic or 2!! I haven't seen a peom on FB yet today......a short funny one would be nice.....I need a laugh! I.L.D. Mutti

  6. Hi John...will your tour bring you to Birmingham? I've been a friend of your mom for a long time...we went to school together for 12 years...your aunts and uncles are friends with my brother and sister also...we all grew up together. Would love to meet you if you're coming to B'ham...let me know if we are heading our way and I'll do my best to come see you!

  7. What an awesome adventure you have embarked on, and what a great cause.....i just read about it because rosie posted on fb about your trip....i wish you safe travels , awesome weather and a heartfelt return...